Dogs are man’s best friends. Just like any friend, we love to take good care of them. One way to show your care for your dogs is grooming it to its best. This is a fun thing to do, especially when you and your furry friend likes it too. If you have just adopted a new dog, here are some basic grooming practices you can do to groom your dog to his best:

1) Brush Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

Brushing your dog’s fur depends on the length of his hair. If your dog has long hair coat, it’d be a good idea to brush it almost daily. Meanwhile, short-haired dogs are fine with brushing their fur once a week or so. Brushing, however, is not just for cleanliness – dogs love the feeling of being brushed too!

2) Cut Your Dog’s Hair and Nails

These parts are always in contact with dirt and other harmful particles that can harm your dog. Cutting your dog’s hair can help in maintaining his body temperature and prevent the possibility of heat strokes. Cutting his nails also helps remove bacteria staying in the nails.

3) Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Doing so helps your dog keep a balanced body temperature and gets rid of mites and other parasites that can jeopardize his health. Make sure you clean every part, especially the ears where most bacteria and parasites stay. Also, use shampoos that are specially formulated for dogs.

Maintaining your dog’s cleanliness and appearance isn’t just healthy. Our furry friends love it too. Also, this helps keep a strong bond between you and your dog.