Health is wealth and part of being healthy is weight under control and that is never easy when you’re living in a city or an industrial area.


In a city where access to food is just a few clicks on the online menu of fast foods establishments and exercise is becoming an undertaking unlike in the old days when walking was a normal activity (which most don’t even consider as a big deal back then.) comes another health concern, air pollution – the byproduct of progress.


According to some studies published online, air pollution can cause weight gain. As air pollutants enter the body it disrupts important human hormonal processes. Experts also state that dirty air harms the gut bacteria which can contribute to obesity. Are D-Bal the best legal steroids?


It confuses the body of being hungry


Pollutants when inhaled irritate the lungs particularly the alveoli (air sacs) then the lining of the lungs reacts by releasing hormones that make the insulin less potent hence, the body cannot properly regulate the blood sugar levels.


Also, the body reacts to the “foreign” particles and floods the system with inflammatory molecules cytokines that trigger immune cells to attack healthy tissues. The resulting inflammation disrupts the brain processing which regulates appetite that can result in feeling hungry every time.


It causes an unbalanced gut microbiome


The human body is a host to trillions of microorganisms and a big chunk of those bacteria are in the guts and this “ecosystem” is called the microbiome. Air pollution (Ozone) can cause an imbalance in the organism’s population and lower diversity of bacteria in the guts has been linked to obesity. Some bacteria species can cause the body to produce more insulin causing “insulin resistance ” that leads to lower metabolism.


How to avoid inhaling air pollutants?


  • Keep away from busy roads with heavy traffic where car exhausts are concentrated. Car exhausts when exposed to sunlight turn into ozone which is one of the dangerous pollutants.


  • Avoid outdoor activities when pollution levels are high. You can instead go to the mall for walking and perhaps you can find a gym inside.


  • Do not burn wood or trash in your neighborhood. Burning trash and wood is one major contributor to air pollution, always dispose of your trash properly.


  • Always check air pollution forecasts where you live and wear a mask if you really must go out but not just any mask, N95 mask can filter particulates up to 95% efficacy.


Yes, air pollution makes it even harder to lose or maintain weight, and not only that, dirty air can cause diabetes and hypertension so avoid inhaling polluted air as much as possible.


But be advised, although air is a contributing factor in gaining weight, the main focus must still be on regular exercise and proper diet in losing weight.


The bottom line, help in the fight against pollution in all its forms and become a volunteer in your local anti-pollution organization if there is one. It’s a collective responsibility and not just of environmental organizations.


Clean air for a healthy life!

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