Chinchillas are cute, adorable, and gentle animals. You can never go wrong in having them as a pet and that makes them a great and fun companion. However, as explores, they can be sensitive too. Thus, the utmost and proper care is important. If you are planning to have Chinchilla as a pet, here are some helpful tips you could do to take good care of them:

Consider Chinchilla’s life span in having a cage for them

Chinchilla’s can live up to 15-20 years. Hence, their house should be one of your priorities because that’s the place they could roam and hop around for a long time. Go for a cage that is made from metal. Plastics are not recommended as they will not probably last long because this pet loves to play and chew.

Keep them in draught free environment

Chinchillas are good as indoor pets considering that they are nocturnal. They are best kept in cold temperatures but may not survive in humid places. They are most likely to suffer from heatstroke; thus, don’t let them play outside during sunny days. If you are living in a tropical country, keep your Chinchillas at home in an airconditioned room.

Don’t mingle your new Chinchilla with the others

If you already have a Chinchilla and you plan to have another one, don’t mingle them right away in the same cage. Have a separate cage for the new one. Make their cages at least 10cm apart. They are prone to fight, and this is the best way of introducing them slowly to each other. After a week or so, you can make their bed or cages closer.

Chinchillas are herbivores but you can also feed them with pellet

Chinchillas love to eat grasses. They eat green plants and also like to bark off trees. Their diet must be full of protein and fiber. Low fiber diet makes them weak, leads to poor gut movement, and may cause oversized teeth.

You can also feed them with pellets from your local pet store. Feed them at least 1 tablespoon of pellet per day for a healthy diet. If pellets are not available, Chinchillas likes to be feed with hay as well. Never forget to give them a good amount of clean water at every meal.

A dust bath is helpful to keep them clean

Chinchillas naturally clean themselves. While they are in the wild, they clean their coat by rubbing themselves in the fine sand. Meanwhile, as a pet owner, you can clean your Chinchillas using a dust bath. You can buy them in your local pet store. Make sure that the dust bath is big enough to accommodate them.

Treat them with sultanas and raisins

If you want to train your Chinchillas, have sultanas and raisins as a reward food. These types of foods are commonly used as a treat for training chinchillas. You can have other kinds of vegetables, but it is advised you stick to one or two, so they could still see the food as a treat.

Prevent dental problems by giving them hard materials to chew on

Chinchilla’s teeth normally keep growing that’s why they need material they can eat or chew. Buy them rodent toys or hardwood from the pet store. You can keep their teeth healthy with these materials. You also have to monitor their chewing habit because this may be a sign of stress and poor diet.


Chinchillas are difficult to take care of. That’s a reality. But with a lot of patience and love, everything will come into place. Follow these helpful tips and your Chinchilla will definitely love you back. The more you get their love and trust, the more they would have a long and happy life with you.

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