The use of  Best CBD for Dogs as a medicinal product highlights the inclusion of cannabidiol or CBD. This is said to be one of the potent elements that bring therapeutic benefits. Since it works on most humans suffering from behavior-change ailments and painful bodily aches, the product also is theoretically applicable to pets.

Non-practitioners of animal healthcare are popularizing the aforementioned idea. Many of them seek for commercial success or just plain supportive of the movement to promote cannabis heavily for medicinal use across all creatures. The problem in this is the non-involvement of the veterinarian community – the only authority for animal healthcare.

What Is Wrong With CBD For Pets

For starters, there is a reason why CBD for pets is not highly promoted by the medical community. These are the following:

CBD has the possibility of interacting with the ongoing medications or supplements taken by the pet. It can affect the effectiveness of the cure and might even cause side effects due to the interaction.

CBD products marketed today may not be truthful in the claims. A regulation is yet to be formed to inspect the levels of components of the CBD product, which can be abused by the manufacturers.

CBD might promote the negligence of conventional medicine and promote the unverified use of alternative medicinal products.

CBD products are not cheap. They can be costly while having no definite conclusions if they can be effective or not.

Challenges For Veterinarians

The question raised is that how does any marketing company promoting CBD for pets, or even just a regular commenter in an online platform can freely speak about it while a veterinarian won’t. Technically, the veterinarian can’t even any hint about CBD.

The main reason is that CBD is not recommendable in animal healthcare practice. The lack of claims alone is enough and even the act of experimenting on pets can be viewed as inhumane. The veterinarians are barred to recommend, prescribe, or even discuss it with their clients.

There may be fear that it might work and threaten the very livelihoods of animal healthcare practitioners, but more importantly, there is no telling how the pets might behave after taking the so-called alternative medicine. Such discussion can lead even to the license revocation of veterinarians.

However, any person who is not a veterinarian can freely promote CBD for pets without any repercussions. Even a pet store owner selling the CBD products can’t even be charged for violations. Such sanctions for veterinarians are deemed extreme.

Changes Being Encouraged

As a citizen, you can do something to act against it. The lawful thing to do is to appeal to the legislative government body. You can ask for at least the following:

Improvement of the study of safe use of cannabis for pets

Loosening on restrictions of veterinarians to discuss CBD with clients under certain safety guidelines

With this, you can help the veterinarians have free, educated discussions regarding the effects of CBD.


The actions for recommended use of CBD for pets are very far from realization, just like how the use of medicinal marijuana by humans seems ambiguous. For now, since conventional medicine still works, better stick to it until there are drastic changes to the animal healthcare system.

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