I am not the type of person who makes homemade food for puppies. Some people like worldsbestdogfoods believe that a dog should be offered homemade food instead of processed dog foods.

I had never thought of this until recently when my Dog became sick, and the vet advised me to give it some bland diet. I decided to make rice and chicken without any seasoning.

I took a chicken, shredded it, and mixed it with white rice and feed him for three days. This awakened me to homemade dog food, and I am so shocked by the many types of vegetable Dogs can eat. With the assistance of Balance IT, you can come up with many recipes as you can.

Making homemade food for dogs is just like the healthy cooking we do at home. It is better to make dog food by yourself rather than buying canned food because you exactly know what is going into the bowl.

Another essential aspect to note is that Dogs need different nutrient requirements compared to humans based on their body size. Such as

•             Calcium should be derived from dairy products

•             Fats which are derived from oil and meat

•             High-quality protein which gets to be derived from eggs, dairy, meat, and seafood.

•             Carbohydrates which are derived from vegetables and grains.

•             Essential fatty acids that get to be derived from oatmeal or egg yolks.

I made my recipe, which contained a balance of 25 % veggies,25% grains, and 50% proteins. This ratio is easily adjustable to suit the need and breed of your dog.

Once you have made your meal, you can divide it into several servings, mark the date, and put it in the fridge. When you need to serve it, you will have to defrost it and warm it for about 15-30 seconds.


•             One tablespoon of olive oil

•             One zucchini, shredded

•             1 ½ cups brown rice

•             3 pounds ground turkey

•             ½ cup peas, canned or frozen

•             3cups baby spinach, chopped

•             Two carrots, shredded


•             Make rice in a large saucepan of 3 cups of water based on package instructions.

•             Put olive oil in a Dutch oven or large stockpot and heat. Add turkey and cook until it turns brown to ensure you also crumble the turkey as it continues to cook. This should take about 3-5 minutes.

•             Stir in peas, Zucchini, carrots, brown rice, and spinach until the spinach has been wilted, and the mixture is heated well for a maximum of 5 minutes. Ensure you cook the food thoroughly.

In conclusion, a healthy diet ensures that your dog also becomes healthy. When cooking for your dog, you get more conscious of the nutritional value than buying processed food. There are hundreds of recipes on how to make food for your dog. However, ensure that you consult a vet when planning to change a recipe for your dog. Ensure that the vet gives you advice on the nutritional value of the meal so that you don’t get to harm the stomach of the dog.


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