It is good to set your dog’s leash off once in a while and just let him run around and be active for him to stay fit and healthy. However, you can’t really do that if you have an open yard. To enclourses for your dog, you want to ensure you have a dog fence. Fortunately, we have compiled some tips to help you learn how to build an affordable dog fence.

Considerations on Building a Dog Fence

Before you build an affordable dog fence, here are the things you should consider first:

  • First, think of the costs of the materials you’ll be using to install and maintain the fence. The cost of fencing can quickly add up, but the majority of the expenses are the cost of hiring someone to construct the fence for you. Creating a dog fence isn’t that complicated and hard, so if you want to build an affordable dog fence and save money, you’ll want to do it yourself.
  • Second, consider the right height for your fence. Research on what your particular dog breed is capable of leaping over. You don’t want to build a fence and found out it is too short later.
  • Lastly, count how much time you can allocate to build a fence. Building a fence isn’t complicated, but it usually takes a little of your time. On average, it takes 10 to 12 hours to complete a 200-yard fence. If you can spend at least 3-4 hours per day, you can build your own in 3 days.

How to Build an Affordable Dog Fence

There are three ideas on how to build an affordable dog fence that is simple and easy to install.

Traditional Dog Fences

Traditional dog fences use metal or wood materials and are a good option if you desire to have an effective standard fence. They’re strong, sturdy, and will last longer but with the downside of the total costs quickly adding up.

To build a traditional fence, you will need fence posts and boards, 2×4 support boards, and some screws.

To start, you should sink 33% of your fence post height underground. If you want a 6ft tall fence, secure at least 8ft tall posts. The fence post should be 8ft apart. Check the angles using a t-squire or a plumb line.

After that, fill the holes with concrete (e.g., cement) to install the fence posts. Lastly, install a 2×4 support board and screw the fence boards to the support boards.

Invisible Dog Fence

This type of fence does not have any physical form. To install, you’ll have to wire the area where you intend to contain your dog. An electric collar will be attached to your dog. Every time your dog steps closer to the boundary, a mild static shock will be sent through the electronic collar. It is a great option, but you should consider first if you are prepared to buzz your dog with mild static.

Pallet Dog Fence

A pallet fence is quite like building a traditional fence but a lot easier and cheaper. Pallets are inexpensive, durable, and versatile, making them a perfect material to build an affordable dog fence. However, bear in mind that the pallet fence is too low for some breeds.

Simply follow the instructions on how to install a traditional fence. However, instead of attaching a 2×4 fence boards, you add the pallets. Take into consideration the width of the pallet and your fence post.


Choosing which type of dog fence you build is yours to make. To ensure you build an affordable dog fence, keep in mind your timeline, the size of the space to contain your dogs, your goals, and your budget. Also, always take into consideration the capabilities of your dog breed for maximum satisfaction.

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