Climbing and scratching are both natural instincts of cats; however, they can be deprived of these things, especially when they’re always indoors. Placing best cat tree for large cats inside your home is one of the effective ways to meet these demands. It’s way more than just a cool, magnificent looking piece of cat furniture as it can have several benefits for your cat as well.

That said, here are some of the reasons why your cat needs one:

It Can Be Used for Climbing

As mentioned above, your kitty naturally likes to climb and scratch. It’s just in their genes. However, for domestic cats, climbing particularly is what usually gets most of them in trouble. Imagine your cat climbing up on your kitchen table, living room sofas, and armchairs.

They are usually chastised due to this, though the reality is that it’s an important part of their development. Therefore, by providing your kitty with a cat tree, you can fulfill its desire to climb whenever it wants. Cats love to hang out in high spots, so the higher the cat tree is, the better.

It Can Serve as Additional Inducement

Domestic felines can benefit from a roost to play and climb up or down. If possible, put the cat tree on a spot fronting your window so your cat can see the outside. A cat tree can also be an alternate big scratching post. You can attach to it pendent toys or other amusing things that your furry friend will enjoy.

It Can Shelter for Your Shy Kitty

Do you have a shy, paranoid type cat that is always hiding under the couch? If so, placing a cat tree inside your home can boost your cat’s sense of security. It’s because when cats have a higher vantage point which allows them to see what’s around them, they become more relaxed and feel safer from a sudden attack they always anticipate coming from all angles.

Therefore, as your cat feels secured, its socializing skill also develops.

It Promotes Harmony in a Multi-Cat Home

If you have multiple cats at home, this can lead to stress and tension among them due to constant fighting for territory. This translates to countless screaming and unending chasing that can be stressful for you. What a cat tree can do about this is that it provides various levels for additional and different territorial spaces so your cats can peacefully exist along with each other.

The more confident cat can have the highest level perch while the timid feline can still play at the bottom levels of the cat tree. In addition, your home will be peaceful to live in as you like without worrying about stressful kitty fights.


To sum it up, cat trees can help cats become healthy and happy. When choosing the right cat tree for your cat, consider your cat’s weight, activity level, and physical capability. See to it that the ladders and perches can support your cat’s weight and those exciting hole and caves can accommodate its ball of fur.

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