Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. As they live within a neighborhood, it is one of the responsibilities of dog owners to make sure that their dogs stay within the premises of their yards. While dogs in streets may not be a problem for animal lovers, this might be bothersome for those who are scared of dogs. This is the reason why you should use dog fences for your best friend.

Why Should You Put Up a Dog Fence?

Putting up a dog fence helps an owner avoid potential problems within the neighborhood. Moreover, other than keeping the dog at bay to avoid trouble with the neighbors, there are also other concerns that are answered with dog fences. A dog fence protects the dog by prohibiting problems that come if a dog just freely roams around. The possibility of getting involved in vehicular accidents and getting unruly with other dogs and animals decrease drastically when dogs are kept inside the fence. Additionally, there is also a lesser possibility of contracting a contagious disease.

Invisible Dog Fences

An invisible dog fence is an electric type of fence that is effective and safe to use to keep your dog within the premises of your yard. If you are considering this type, here are the advantages and disadvantage of invisible fences that might help you decide:


AffordableBuilding a traditional type of fence is more expensive because of the materials being used and the labor expenses for the people you will hire to put it up. Moreover, some construction materials might not be permitted due to neighborhood rules and regulations. If you are to consider these factors, an invisible fence is indeed much cheaper even if professional installation might be required.

ReliableDogs are naturally playful animals. They love to dig, climb, and chew anything, including a fence. An invisible electric fence is a smart solution to this concern. Moreover, the visibility of dogs in your yard may prevent trespassers from attempting to get in your yard or house.

Visually AppealingInvisible fences cannot be seen; therefore, it will not be a hindrance for a perfect view of your beautiful garden.

ConvenientThe installation of invisible fences can be done quickly. While some may attempt DIY installation, it is best to seek professional assistance to make sure that the wires are lined out properly.


Dog TrainingTo make sure that your invisible fence is effective, your dog must be properly trained to know the boundaries and possible consequences of trying to go over the fence. The owner must be with the dog during the whole training period.

Constant Beeping SoundMost models have an audible beeping sound, which signals warning to the dog to prevent him from shock. If the dog disregards the warning beep, the dog will get an electric jolt that is strong enough to make him startled but is weak enough not to cause pain.

Escape is Still PossibleThere is still a possibility of the dog escaping the premises. Some instances might be when a dog gets terrified of thunder or any loud sound.

Your Choice Matters

While there are quite a number of pros and cons of having an invisible fence, the choice will be up to you and whatever you deemed is beneficial for you and your dog. Just keep in mind to always prioritize your dog’s safety and overall wellness. Remember that dogs are not just pets, they are family, too, so choose what you think is best for them.


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