It is always a challenge to have a clean and spotless home when you have pets. These fur babies will fill your homes with delight and happiness. However, according to researchers conducted of North Carolina State University, houses with pets such as dogs and cats are likely to have more bacteria than houses without pets. Having pets and having a clean house is not a hopeless case. It is possible to have both. Just make sure that whatever cleaning material you’ll be using, they are not harmful to your furry family members. So here are some cleaning tips by san diego house cleaning experts for a spotless home and a happy, safe pet:

Have a handy lint roller or handheld d vacuum. You cannot escape for fur if you are a pet owner. Though it seems impossible to get rid of hair totally, you can control its build-up. With the right kind of tool, hair build-up can be dealt with properly. Lint rollers are just like a handheld vacuum, this tool is easy to use, handy, and convenient. Also, cleaning some difficult places will become easier with a handheld vacuum.

Clean your pet beds with baking soda. Some commonly used household cleaning agents are poisonous to dogs and cats. There are chemicals that can be deadly to our pets if consumed. Choose pet-safe substitutes to ensure safety. Fortunately, baking soda has been proven as effective and harmless. Use mild soaps and detergent with a cup of baking soda to wash pet beds. It is anti-bacterial and odor neutralizer.

Spray your carpet with white vinegar. Fury pets especially dogs like to roll over on carpets leaving them with horrible smells and blemishes. Create a white vinegar solution by putting white vinegar into a spray bottle. This solution is a known home remedy that eradicates smell and stains. Simply spray your carpet with white vinegar and let it dry. Worry not, this solution is proven safe for your pets.

Avoid dirt from outside. Pets, especially dogs, like to bask outside. Always make sure that they won’t enter the house and bring dirt and allergens. To avoid this, place water storage, towel or all-natural hypoallergenic grooming wipes near the entrance and clean your pet before they’ll get inside. Place mats before the door, so it is easier for you to wipe your fur baby.

Inspect your house cleaning products. Assess the products that you are currently using, from detergents to glass cleaner. Prioritize the health of your pet; don’t put their lives into danger. If possible, opt for natural cleaning agents to prevent allergies and sickness. Check for harsh and toxic chemicals in your cleaning products and discontinue use. If you will hire a house cleaning service, notify them to use non-toxic products. At times when you really need to use such harmful cleaning products, make sure that your pet is nowhere near the area.

These cleaning tips and guidelines are essential for a clean, safe home for your family, including your pets. If you are more confident to call professional help, you can always hire a house cleaning service to do the job for you.

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