A usual animal lover’s dilemma when it comes to dating is always about bringing their pets on the first date. Does bringing these precious animals during the first date work or it will just ruin the occasion? The answer to the question depends on each individual’s situation, but as an animal enthusiast, you will read more here that it is important for you to find a special someone that also feels the same way like you towards animals. This will create connection and camaraderie between the two of you that hopefully will result in a beautiful relationship.

Yes, it is easy to find a date in those several Craigslist Personal Alternatives, but the real challenge is to make the first date work even if you have your furry companion to tag along. Below are dating ideas that will definitely work if both of you decide to bring your pets on the first date.

Dating with the outdoor type

There is always an appropriate place to meet up if your date likes outdoor activities while bringing your pets at the same time. Parks are a good place to create a perfect conversation while bringing and playing with your pets together. If both of you are looking for adventure, a hiking trip is a great way to share your passion of having an active lifestyle and the love for animals.

Dating with someone who likes to party

Believe it or not, there are several pet-friendly bars and restaurants that accommodate animal enthusiasts like you through their pet-allowed cocktail hours. This is a perfect place if one of you likes to party while tagging along your precious pets. There are always pet-friendly bars and restaurants that can be found within your area. All you have to do is use Google and the internet to find one near you.

Dating with the sporty type

A Ballpark is a perfect dating place for animal enthusiasts who also like sports. In the U.S., professional baseball teams have this so-called “Dog Day” games in their home stadium where animal lovers can bring their dog while watching the game. You can also check your local park if they have the same animal-friendly event that should be a perfect place for you and your date to go to.

Going out with a philanthropist

If your date is the philanthropist-like who want to give back and promote the welfare of other people, volunteerism is the perfect dating suggestion for you. Joining in volunteer programs in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other similar places that also allow bringing your pets can definitely make a lasting impression on your date.

Dating with a home buddy

If your future date likes to always stay at home, a romantic activity that both of you can do can go a long way in your relationship. Cooking pet-friendly recipe while spending some quality time together in your home is a nice way to bond and be romantic at the same time.


Should you bring your pets during the first date? The answer is definitely yes. A unique chaperone like your dog or any other pets can be the perfect way to release tension and inhibitions that usually come during the first date.

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