For most people, pets are part of their families. Hence, they do not mind them tagging along on their road trips or vacations. If you’re a student and want to bring your pet with you during your student travel tours, then there are many pet travel options that make hitting the road with your pet an exciting experience. Before you embark on your destination, you need to ensure that you have planned carefully on ways to keep your pet safe and happy.

Whether you are traveling by air or taking a road trip, here are tips to ensure your pet’s safety.

When Travelling by Air

Visit Your Veterinarian

It is wise to visit your veterinarian prior to air travel with your pet. A vet will do a checkup on your pet and advice you on whether to take him on a trip since it is not recommended to subject unhealthy pets to stress during travels. You should also take your pet for a checkup to ensure that his vaccinations are up-to-date. Aside from that, you will need to obtain a health certificate form that is dated 10 days to your departure.

Purchase an Approved Pet Carrier

Make sure that you get an USSD-approved shipping crate that is large enough to accommodate your pet. It is also wise to write the words “Live Animal” on the crate so that it does not get mistaken for regular luggage. Place bedding and clothing in the crate so that your pet will feel comfortable. Also, attach a bowl of water and food so that the airline personnel can feed your pet.

Ensure that Your Dog Has Proper Identification

When traveling by air, there is a high chance that you could be separated from your pet. For this reason, you need to ensure that your pet has proper identification such as his name and your contact information on the ID tag. You should also mark your pet’s crate with updated information including his photo and your contact information.

Book a Direct Flight

If possible, book a direct flight to avoid the hustles of shifting your pet to another airline.

When Travelling by Road

Prepare Your Pet for a Road Trip

If you are planning to go on a long trip with your pet, prepare him by taking him for short drives. This way, he will get accustomed to the road and can travel with you for long distances.

Carry a Pet First Aid Kit

Having your pet first aid kit ensures pet safety while traveling. Make sure that the first aid kit has all the essential medical supplies like adhesive bandages, first-aid tape, and antiseptic wipes. Also, pack a pet-friendly travel kit that includes food, portable bowl, bottled water, waste bags, pillow, blanket, and many more.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone

Never leave your pet alone in the car in spite of the weather conditions. Even on a day with moderate temperatures, the temperatures inside the car can rise to dangerous levels. Additionally, pets left alone in the car are prone to theft.

Implant a Microchip for Identification

Ensure the safety of your pet by implanting a tag or microchip that includes your destination phone address, home address, and other relevant information.

Never Let Your Pet Ride with Their Head Outside

Doing this puts your pet at risk of being hit by objects and traffic. There are also risks of getting debris in his lungs and eyes.

Keep Pets at the Back Seat

Never allow your pet to sit at the front seat as he could distract you while driving. Dogs should sit at the cargo area or back seat with a harness attached to their seat.

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