It may look like rabbits are almost always feeling warm due to their fur, but little did you know that they find it difficult to withstand extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to keep your pet rabbits warm and comfortable inside your house to make sure that they won’t freeze to death.

Here are some tips you can apply to keep your bunnies warm:

1. Move the Hutch

You might want to consider moving your rabbits’ hutch somewhere away from the winter wind to ensure that they won’t feel cold. Perhaps, you can try putting the hutch inside the garage (away from fumes, of course) or other sheltered places like the trees.

2. Feed and Hydrate Your Rabbits

It is best to keep an eye on their water source as it might be frozen, causing your rabbits to suffer from dehydration. On the other hand, they tend to consume larger amounts of food during the winter to stabilize their body temperature. That’s why it’s best to increase their food supply during the cold season.

3. Give Your Rabbit an Exercise

Regardless of the cold weather, you should still give your rabbits a chance to exercise in the middle of the day since it’s not too cold compared to the temperature early in the morning and late at night.

If you don’t want to expose your rabbits in the cold, you can let them exercise indoors, provided that the temperature inside is not too warm for them. This is because their fur tends to naturally grow thicker during the winter period.

Rabbits are highly sensitive to the cold weather – when exposed for a long period of time, they experience hypothermia which can greatly harm your rabbits. That is why it’s best to have an idea on how to shield your rabbits from the cold.

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