Living with a vibrant dog is not only fun, but it also brings joy to the family. A healthy furry friend spreads joy throughout the day by being playful and in good moods. However, it may come as a shock when your dog collapses all of a sudden, especially if it’s his first time to experience such an incidence.

Dog collapses are associated with factors such as neurological and cardiovascular problems, but it could as well be a result of over excitement. Do not panic; here is what you need to do.

Safety First

As you approach the dog, be calm and confident. Dogs sense its surroundings better than humans; therefore, if you approach shakily, it can become anxious which can only lead to an aggressive reaction. Being calm and confident reassures your dog that everything’s going to be okay. As you attend to your dog, be sure to avoid a posture that may lead to a bite if it suddenly reacts to your actions.

Check the Gums

Your dog’s gums change color when it collapses depending on the causal factor. For instance, if it is as a result of a cardiovascular problem, the gums will turn pale or slightly blue.

Feed the Dog

Feeding the dog offers replenishment which can enhance the recovery period. However, be careful not to feed your furry friend with toxic food such as chocolate as you hurriedly try to help the situation.

Observe His Reaction

Before proceeding to an emergency veterinarian visit, observe your dog for a few minutes. See how its movements are fairing; if possible, record the occurrence as soon as you notice it as it might come handy when you visit the veterinarian.

Go to Your Veterinarian

Do not assume that because the dog recovered from the collapse, everything’s all good; a visit to the veterinarian is still necessary. Let the veterinarian establish what caused the collapse and advice accordingly to avoid repeated occurrence.

A routine visit to the veterinarian ensures that your furry friend stays healthy for long. Make a point of having your dog checked regularly to detect some underlying health problems before they give you a scare.

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