Dog lovers will go the extra mile when it comes to the appearance and protection of their pets. It isn’t a surprise nowadays that dogs are dressed up to the occasion; whether it’s simply taking the dog for a walk or dressing him up for a competition. Because of this, dog clothing and custom t shirts come in handy, dog owners nowadays are seriously considering dressing up their pets.

But, is this a safe choice or can it just be considered as a luxury option? According to a research conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in 2016, there are valid options that drive most dog owners to consider dressing up their dogs; according to the research, the main points that came up included dog safety, pet health, age, and stress and anxiety management.

Most dog owners stressed out the fact that dog clothing offers some kind of dog safety as the clothing materials reduce the extent of injury their pets could encounter. Some of them revealed that sick dogs responded best to treatment when clothed; others also explained that dogs need to be clothed up especially both the younger (puppies) and aging dogs. Stress and Anxiety also arose since some of the dog owners strongly believed that dog clothing can reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. So, is any truth behind these findings?


Dog Clothing Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Areas that experience constant thunderstorms or loud noises can stress the dogs out. Dogs fancy peace and tranquility, and the moment they are exposed to large noises such as fireworks, they tend to “freak out”. Luckily, there is an anxiety vest for dogs that serve as protection that eases the tension in dogs. The most notable clothing includes the Thundershirt which acts as a curdling pad. Curdling a dog reduces stress and offers some sense of security in dogs.

Dog Clothing Protects Dogs Against Harsh Weather

Extreme weather conditions such as snow or heavy rainfall may deteriorate the health condition of dogs. Warm clothing prevents dogs from losing excessive warmth from their bodies and keeps them from shivering. Dogs that have undergone fresh haircuts or have a thin fur also get to benefit from warm clothing.

Aging Dogs and Puppies Benefits from Dog Clothing

Puppies and aging dogs are most vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and are also prone to injuries. However, whenever they are dressed, they’re protected from such injuries and discomforts.


Despite all the positive aspects of dog clothing, dogs are also faced with the dangers of choking and stress when it comes to dressing them up too much. For example, dogs love biting and chewing all kinds of stuff. And, if it happens that they chew and swallow harmful substances such as metallic zippers, they could choke.

Secondly, some clothing can be uncomfortable and inappropriate for dogs. For example, some clothes are too tight for dogs as their measurements are not in line with the body physique, thus causing their pets to be in immense stress.

In conclusion, whether you decide to dress up your dog or not, it’s up to you. However, it’s recommended that you take into account some key factors such as health, age, and clothing accessories as determining factors for the choice of clothing when you consider buying them clothes.