You might have observed how your dog initially reacts when it realizes you are going to take them to the vet again. As taught in Siberian Husky Training, if your dogs are Siberian Huskies, they would surely know because you might have done it so many times that they can already familiarize the route you’re taking them. Siberian Huskies are smart pets, and they can easily sense environmental cues. If they had a negative encounter during their first visit, your dog would surely resist. This resistance often manifests in behaviors such as barking, lunging away, or even snarling. These behaviors can be embarrassing and exhausting for you as the owner; so, how can you minimize these?

Prepare for the visit. 

By the moment your dog enters the vet clinic, and it can foresee the pain, and thus, it uses all its energy to resist and back out. Although it might be easy to correct this behavior for puppies, it can never be easy for adult dogs at all. Well, all you can do is to plan in order to resolve this issue. 

Before driving your dog to the vet, take it on a stroll at a nearby park and allow it to interact with other people and pets. Allow your dog to process and sink in the outdoor environment for a while. 

Practice some simple commands at the park such as “lie down,” “sit,” “no,” and “stop” so that it can catch up later. It can also exercise its sharp sensing, thus allowing it to easily follow your commands at the vet. 

Act like you’re the doctor. So, instead of cuddling and playing like a kid with your dog, allow it to get used to having its ears and mouth checked while lying down calmly. Then, when it performed well, reward it. 

Practice walking your dog with a short leash. This will allow you to gain more control over your dog. Also, you can prevent it from dragging you out when it starts to panic at the vet. 

Before the actual visit or check-up, bring your dog to the vet even if it is not your visit schedule yet. You can go to the vet by scheduling their actual visit over the counter. In that way, you are allowing it to familiarize the environment and the clinic staff.

Reward your dog at the vet

Bring toys and treats.

It is important to bring your Siberian Huskies’ toys and favorite treats to the vet so that they would think it’s a normal day for them. Remember when you were asked to act as a doctor while you were playing instead of giving the usual cuddles? You can apply the tactic now. The dog would think this is just an ordinary game and when asked to open their mouth, make sure to prepare their favorite treats. In that way, when the vet asks your dog to open its mouth again, it would easily obey. 

Give constant reassurance.

Every time your dog obeys the vet’s commands, don’t forget to give it a “good boy” or “good girls” pat on its head. Aside from the toys and treats, your dog also needs to know you appreciate its obedience. 

Well, there is no doubt vets have trusted services that can cater to your dog’s health concerns and needs, but your dog does not care about it. All it cares about is the pain of those needles, the fear of meeting other bigger pets, and the fear of seeing unfamiliar people holding them. Thus, as an owner, it is important to be sensitive to their feelings and needs. The above-mentioned tips will help you build your dog’s confidence and gain its trust.

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