A common problem a lot of pet lovers experience when it comes to any type of house renovation is finding a way that the process wouldn’t be harmful to their furry children. According to https://bestoftrim.com/, Painting home interiors for example is one of them, given that the fumes that paint gives off can be quite irritable to not only humans but pets as well.

Moreover, it can worsen respiratory problems in case any of your family members have one.

A lot of people may suggest that simply opening windows and doors would suffice, however, although it may be of help, this wouldn’t be recommendable especially when you have pets or mischievous kids that need to be kept indoors all the time to avoid any kind of complications.

Fortunately, there are actually pet-friendly products that you can use to guarantee that your pets will stay safe and comfortable while you do magic in your homes.

Pet-Friendly Varnishes and Paints

There are no paints that are generally labeled as ‘pet-friendly’. However, you can get a safer, less irritable, and less smelly paint by making sure that you purchase something with low VOC or virtually zero VOC.

We cannot say VOC free since there will always be small traces of it even when they were eliminated late on during the production.

For walls and ceilings. For regular wall paint without a decorative finish of any sort, it is recommendable to use water-based paint with extremely low VOC levels from Auro and Earthborn.

If you prefer your walls to be washable then Auro 524 and Auro 555 with a VOC level of less than 1 gram per liter would do the trick. Keim Ecosil ME is also a smart option, it is an eco-friendly and odorless paint suitable for rooms with users prone to allergies and the like.

For non-washable paint, Earthborn Clay Paint and Earthborn Ecopro Matt emulsion are great choices with VOC levels less than 0.5 gram per liter, making it safe to use on children’s furniture and toys.

For wooden doors. For painting any woodwork, it is recommendable to use eggshell paints that are water-based from Earthborn and Farrow & Ball.

The Modern Eggshell by Farrow & Ball gives a mid-sheen finish and does not wear easily. Moreover, it has a VOC level of 3 grams per liter. On the other hand, Earthborn’s Eggshell 17 has a VOC level of fewer than 0.5 grams per liter and is guaranteed safe to use on children’s items.

Pet-Friendly Finishes and Varnish Removers

If you’re looking for a suitable clear finish or varnish for bare wood while keeping your pets comfortable, then Auro got you covered.

Auro 261 provides you with a satin sheen finish with a low VOC level of 10 grams per liter and is guaranteed to be safe for kids and pets. For a gloss finish, Auro also offers Auro 251 with similar features except for the gloss.

To remove varnish and paint, it would be recommendable to use Home Strip paint and varnish remover. It is specially made for safe usage for people with any type of respiratory problems like asthma and is pet-friendly.

After choosing the right tools and paint for your home makeover, then all that’s left to do would be to start working. Before you get on to it though, you need to take note of the following to ensure your pets’ safety:

Keep pets out of the room and have it well ventilated

Make sure your paints have love VOC levels

Keep pets and kids away from open cans of paint

Wash off paint from your pets immediately in case they get stuck on their fur

Read the products’ safety precautions before using

With that, you have everything set and can now proceed to have a safe and comfortable home renovation.

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