When it comes to cbd treats for dogs, there are questions we ask ourselves: does everyone like pets? Some keep pets, but they don’t mind their health states.

It’s good to know when your pet is not feeling well. We have pets like dogs and cats which are most common to everyone, and they are so much friendly and close to us, so it’s very easy to notice when they change their behavior. These animals need a lot of care, and getting specialists to give them the care and attention is crucial.

That said, whenever giving any medication to animals without prior knowledge about medicine, it’s good to get advice from a veterinary person first. When it comes to CBD products like CBD oil for pets, a proper introduction is absolutely necessary.

CBD Usage among Pets

Animal specialists are here to educate pet lovers more about CBD use on pets. Dr. Cornelia Wagner, a veterinarian and the owner Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic, explained how the cannabis medical extract known as CBD should be properly prescribed to pets. She recommends a small amount like 1mg/ml per day for any new pet’s treatment.

For a higher dosage, you can start with a smaller portion of 0.05mg/kg in a day. If there is no adverse reaction or negative effect seen such as vomiting, excessive sedation, disorientation, or any other side effect, then that clearly shows that your pet has developed a tolerance.  She also advised increasing the dosage slowly every five days or until the desired effect is noticed. You can keep on increasing the dosage not more than 0.05ml/mg per week.

There is a synthetic CBD product that’s termed to be safe and is easy to administer by using a smaller dose. To achieve the small doses, you can use a water syringe and get the right dose and then some water. At this state, you can push it easily and directly into your pet’s mouth.

Is It Safe for Pets?

Even though cannabis is still illegal, it has been administered to animals for quite some time. Due to that, vets can’t recommend cannabis as a possible medication. By so doing, they will end up risking their medical license, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

In some places where cannabis is legal, however, pet owners don’t see it as a big deal to administer CBD medication to their pets. That’s because they are not yet sure of the benefits their pets will reap from the intake of CBD.

Veterinarians have to release a document to members so as to help doctors on how to advise and treat pets by using different THC or CBD-infused products. The document has to give out the breakdown of cannabis and also provide recommendations on the result of toxic reactions from the animals.

It should also give out the effects and how long they will take to heal and how to treat them. Pets like dogs have a complex endocannabinoid system just like humans. They also experience a similar effect when they take products containing THC and CBD, and that’s why people are advised to only administer a lighter THC dosage.

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