When thinking about a pet, fish could not come in your mind. Currently, the number of people considering fish as their pet is growing. In the United States, there are about 95 million freshwater fish kept as pets in best fish tank filters. Goldfish is the most popular of all. In addition, there are 9 million salty water fish kept as pets by the citizens of the US.

Fish Health

You might be wondering whether fish get sick and whether they are treated like any other pet. Some veterinarians are specially trained to take care of fish, and just like any other animal in the world, fish get sick and require health observation. The specialists also offer advice to pet owners. If you are planning to keep fish as a pet for the first time, there are tips from the veterinarian that might help you in your decision.

How to select a healthy fish pet

Understanding fish tank management is crucial for every fish pet owner. Have a big and comfortable tank. The size should be big enough to accommodate the type of fish you want to keep and allow free swimming. The tank should also be durable. Some fish such as goldfish can live up to 20 years.

Tanks should not be kept next to the window, heater or air conditioners as they will interfere with temperatures of the tank.

The quality of water should be observed. Direct tap water should be used since it can be harmful to the fish because it contains chemicals such as choline harmful to the fish. Allow water to stand for a few days in a bucket or use chlorinators if you intend to use direct water.

Ensure change of the water regularly. This can be done by changing 10-15% of water per week. It is advisable to keep the tank clean but should not be sterile since some beneficial bacteria are useful to the fish. Filters should be used to ensure the cleanliness of the tank as well as maintain the ideal bacterial population.

Before introducing your fish, test the water for quality parameters such as pH, salinity, temperatures, ammonia as well as other important factors. A home use kit can be purchased and used for testing.

Feeding and care

You can purchase commercial feeds and feed your fish in the morning and evening. Care should be taken not to overfeed the fish. Overfeeding can make the fish obese while the leftovers will make the tank dirty. Provide places for fish to hide in the tank using live plants, stones or plastics. Plants are sensitive and should only be purchased from reputable sources. Dirty plants can introduce pests or diseases. Always observe your fish for signs of diseases and seek professional help.


With the above tips, you can now own a fish pet; however, you should continue learning new fish tank management tips to achieve success as a fish pet owner.

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