Rabbits are no doubt popular indoor pets due to their docile nature in contrast to energetic dogs and mischievous cats. While you may have heard that these adorable fluffy beings are surprisingly easy to take care of, they can still get hold of some problems if left unchecked for too long. Below are a few common health issues rabbits can experience while under your care.

Respiratory Tract Infection

Similar to humans, rabbits can be prone to respiratory tract infections, more so since they are heavy nose-breathers, meaning they find it difficult to inhale and exhale with their mouths. Snuffles, as what it is sometimes called, may be caused by several viruses and fungi as well as bacteria. While ill, your little friend might have decreased appetite, difficulty breathing, teary eyes, and weight loss, so it will be for the best to see your vet asap!

Gastrointestinal Stasis

For rabbits, observing a high fiber diet is a must to maintain ease digesting food. Gastrointestinal stasis happens when the rabbit’s digestive system slows down due to bacteria, causing it to experience problems with passing stools and its stomach to bloat (hence the term furball). When left unattended, this disease can cause organ failure, so it will be for the best to pay a visit to the vet immediately and introduce fragrant fresh greens into your pet’s diet.

Head Tilt or Torticollis

Watching your little bunny bend its head over to one side from time to time is cute and all, but watch out if it happens too often because it might be a sign of some problem! Torticollis or head tilt is an illness usually experienced by rabbits often due to a multitude of causes including ear infection, stroke, physical trauma, or toxic chemical ingestion. See a vet immediately if your furry pal does this frequently before it gets serious.

Besides loved ones, the companionship provided by pets is one of the joys everyone looks forward to while in the comfort of their own home. Taking good care of your pets will not only lengthen their lifespan – it will also allow them to return to you the favor ten times more.

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